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Our Publishing Services

We help authors understand how to carry out their vision successfully and profitably from the editing, publishing, and marketing of their book.

Editing and Proofreading

We offer a wide variety of editing services for all styles of writing. We are dedicated to correcting the flaws in your manuscript to the best of our abilities. Our editors are extremely knowledgeable, and they have impressive careers with multiple publications across all genres. They understand the importance of editing, especially when it comes to book

Whether you need editing or just need someone to polish your writing, we are here to help. Our editors are trained to identify and correct errors in content. Whether you have a specific style guide that you need to adhere to or just need someone to make sure your writing is error-free, we have the right editor for the job. With proofreaders’ services, you will see your book become the best that it can be. 

Book Formatting

Book formatting is the preparation of a PDF file, which is designed to ensure that it meets the publisher’s specifications and results in a polished, easy-to-read book. Based on the type of information being presented, the book may include chapters, sections, illustrations, graphs, and a glossary. The content of the book needs to be organized clearly, and it should be easily accessible and readable. The format of the book is very important. The layout of the pages may also need to make use of graphics and text to make the content more appealing. 

Book Cover Design

Our book cover designs are created by top professional artists and designers who take the best pieces of your favorite books and turn them into beautiful hand-crafted pieces of art. Your book cover is an important indicator of the type of content it contains. Customers use the standard look of your book cover design to determine its contents. Our covers are designed to be compatible with all major ebook stores, including Amazon. 

Ebook Conversion

We convert your manuscript into popular eBooks. Once converted, your work is ready to be sold in multiple formats on any eBook stores. We are experts at converting source documents (MS Word or PDF or Text) into eBook formats. As a Kindle e-Book, it needs to be formatted in a way that looks good on an e-reader. It needs headings and other important elements. Our conversion process includes conversion to Mobi or KF8, Adobe’s ePub2, and Amazon’s newer ePub3 format. 


The International Standard Book Number [ISBN] is freely available to anyone. The author’s copyright is protected, and his work cannot be reused without his permission. The ISBN is a globally recognized number that uniquely identifies a book, which can be directly accessed in a variety of online databases.

Ebook Security

The security of your eBooks is very important. Every eBook you sell on HISOL Publisher is 100% secured, so it cannot be copied, printed or shared. In the age of eBooks, it is important to make sure your eBooks can be downloaded from a reliable source easily.


Our marketing efforts help independent publishers reach more customers and increase visibility of their books. Our innovative and profitable marketing strategies can get your book noticed. We specialize in working with authors to help them market their books and eBooks on Amazon, HISOL Publisher and through social media.
We offer services such as book cover design, interior layout, cataloging, distribution, and e-book conversion to help self-publishers market their print books and e-books.