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Professional Editing

Sending a manuscript to an editing company is a smart move for authors who need professional editing help. And if you are one of those writers, you can get reliable and professional editing services at the best price. Please click here for a quotation.

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3 in 1 Unique Cover Design

  • One set of corrections.
  • Print-ready paperback covers
  • You own 100% right of your artwork.
  • Amazon compatible
  • Duration – Two hours dedicated artwork design.

Image Copyrighted customized book cover

Image Copyrighted standard book cover

Book Interior Designs

  • Fiction or self-help book layout: from R15 to R35 per page.
  • Non-fiction or academic books layout: from R40 to R90 per page
  • All pricing depending on the complexity of the book.

From R1500

eBook Conversion

We convert your manuscript into popular eBooks. Once converted, your work is ready to be sold in multiple formats on the ebook stores. Hyperlink and cross-reference of indexes, tables, figures, footnotes, and glossary will be quoted on demand.

  • Fully compatible with all devices.
  • 100% reflowable ebook
  • 100% Amazon and other eBook traditional publishers compatible
  • ePUB2 and MOBI eBook files will be delivered to the author.
  • Duration: 10-day conversion turn-around time.

From R1500

ISBN & Barcode creation

International Standard Book Number [ISBN] is obtained free of charge. The copyright will protect the right of the author and bound the book from being copied, printed, distributed, sold, or license the information contained.

100% FREE

Are you on a budget and looking for an inexpensive alternative? If you are an author looking for an inexpensive way to publish your work, please request quotation