Flux Player

Our Electronic is provided via a custom third-party Flux Player App which needs to be installed on your device. The Flux Player App provides access to your purchased content and manages downloads to your device. Please follow the step-by-step instructions below.

If you already have a Flux Player account, simply launch the app and proceed directly to Step 3 to sign in.

FluxPlayer is available for the following platforms:

flux player availability

1. Download the App

Download (Windows)
Download (MacOSX)
IOS Devices – search Flux Player in Apple App Store
Android Devices – search Flux Player in Google Play Store
In the event that you are unable to download the player by clicking the link, try selecting the link and copy and paste it to your preferred browser to begin the download.

2. Install and Launch

Install and launch the Flux Player App
Double click on the download Flux Player setup file and follow the instructions to completely install/run the player on your device. Once installed, launch the Flux Player App.

3. Login to fluxplayer

Once the Flux Player App is launched, click the ‘Login’ link/button and enter the password exactly as it was provided to you when you bought a book on our website.
Your account is automatically created for you upon purchase. Any future purchases will be placed under this account unless you change your email address then other login details will be provided to you.

5. View eBook

View Content
Double click on the featured publication icon to open/view content. This fully searchable, portable, Adobe-based product provides convenient, read-only access, with no available printing options.
Once content has been opened through the Flux Player App, internet access is no longer required!

If any other problem persists, contact us at info@hisolpublisher.com or send a call back request here